LibGDX 2D bitmap animation editor

Hello my fellow readers!

I am currently working on a super hidden project retro project that will use bitmap animations to avoid smooth movement(yes, really!)

Today I backed spine on kickstarter and hoping to use it later to bring some realism on my future games with smooth skeletal animations!

I was about a year ago working on a simple skeletal animation tool but It never got anywhere!

Today I implemented simple animation editor for 2D bitmap animations which are stored in simple XML format(no problem modders!)

I am also using XStream to handle the marshalling and unmarshalling of objects as I don’t realy like LibGDXs default XML library for a reason..

As you can see the structure is pretty straightforward!

  • AnimationSheetDefinition
    • sheetName
    • animationTexture
    • cols
    • rows
    • animations
      • AnimationDefinition 
        • locations
          • x
          • y
        • animationName

and of course to avoid having to do all work by myself and to delegate it I created the GUI editor itself which this whole post was supposed to be about!

Its still quite messy but you get the idea by watching this little video I made!

Because there wasn’t “AnimationWidget” in LibGDX by default I had to create such but it was easy to implement and if anyone cares here it goes:

The source code is currently in private BitBucket repository so I can’t link it at the moment

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